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Creative Convergence

ebook, 2023

In a world where specialization is often prized, it’s easy to forget that the boundaries between disciplines can be surprisingly porous. Art, science, engineering, and design may seem like distinct realms at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they are intimately connected, each feeding into and inspiring the others. The interplay between these disciplines has the power to spark creativity, drive innovation, and shape our understanding of the world.

Kindle ebook

Arbor Vitae

short movie, 2023

“In the eerie depths of an alien jungle, former interstellar conquistador Juan embarks on a perilous quest for the Arbor Vitae, the Tree of Eternal Life. Facing the jungle’s sinister dangers and confronting his own past, Juan is driven by obsession to consume the tree’s forbidden fruit.”

Concept, editing, and music by myself.
Movie made with MidJourney, Kaiber, and

This is part 2 of Arbor Vitae.


composition, 2021

Composition for strings and other sound making machines.

Part III, 4 for 4

composition, 2022

Yoshito Sakuraba‘s artistry, Hofstra dancers’ grace. University stage, energy flows. Bodies in motion, rhythms align. Melodies and movement, unified expression. A captivating dance, hearts stirred.


composition, 2021

Yoshito Sakuraba‘s vision, my musical soul. Lamon Dance, Vancouver stage. Notes swirl, rhythms pulsate. Bodies move, melodies intertwine. A harmonious union, transcendent performance.


composition, 2021

 A humble homage to the greats before. Orchestra, string quartet, and violin unite. It weaves together the old with the new. It sings of the past, while embracing the future.

Remember, my friend, there is always a story to tell.
Yours in music and words,


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